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Antonio Fernández Bravo - Recruiter Freelance
Antonio Fernández Bravo

I hold a Degree in Psychology from the Universidad Autómo de Madrid, a Master in Human Resources Management and a Master in Sports Coaching and Psychology. I work as Headhunter, Recruitment & Selection and Assessment Consultant. My professional baggage in Recruitment & Selection and Talent Assessment has been built up in many different environments, such as prestigious HR Consultancy firms (Psicotec), companies active in Technology Consultancy and HR Departments of multinational companies such as Ferrovial, Sacyr or General Electric.

Thanks to my broad experience I have a high versatility and adaptability to different environments, but also a global overview of the relationship between client and consultant. I have experience with all kinds of profiles in a wide range of sectors. My client portfolio includes multinationals, but also startups (whose name I usually have to keep confidential) and I also collaborate with HR consultancy agencies in Spain and other countries for assignments in Search and Selection, or in Talent Assessment and Management.

After working 12 years as an employee, I started my own independent activity in 2011. The advantage of working on a Freelance basis is the high level of flexibility. I no longer lose two hours travelling to the office, I don’t have to take a lunch break of two hours and I don’t work exclusively from Monday to Friday between 9 and 19h. This way I can adapt to the needs of the person who has to be interviewed or the client’s preferences, and I can manage my time more efficiently than someone who is working from the office.

Please note I work on a no cure, no pay base for Search and Selection, meaning my clients have nothing to lose by trying out my services. My specialization in the use of innovative techniques of Recruitment 2.0, in combination with new technologies, allows me to take on international processes, in which I have experience, and to look for candidates across the world and to interview candidates via video conference at any hour.

I offer guidance to professionals in the development of their professional career and assist them in their job search (CV counselling, social media profile, job search strategy, providing contacts, interview simulation, etc.). I have collaborated with the International MBA of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid to offer this service to their students.

At the same time, after a career of more than 20 years as an active soccer player and thanks to my degree in Sports Coaching and Psychology I can support clubs, trainers and athletes to maximize their performance.

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