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Recruitment and selection

Selección de personal

Every recruitment process requires a different approach. For example: there will be cases where the right candidate can be found via an advertisement, but in a lot of other cases this will not offer results and it’s necessary to turn to direct search. Sometimes it’s important to provide a full report with an evaluation of the candidate’s skills and experience in relation to the profile. In other cases, for hard-to- fill vacancies with a scarcity of potential candidates, it’s enough to send CVs with a motivation why candidates consider a change and salary expectations. Because of those differences, rates will be adapted to the specific needs, including services such as salary surveys or organization charts in a specific sector.

A correct communication with the client to define the profile will be a key for success. This means it will be necessary to invest time in this step.

Whatever the case and thanks to a years-long experience, these are the most common recruitment sources which are usually applied (although I’m always open to use new and creative techniques):

  • Contacts acquired during several years of experience and processes.
  • Direct Search in Target Companies, but also on Professional Social Networks, where I have an active presence, specific forums, etc.

  • Job advertisements on specialized websites, specialized internet forums, professional associations, etc.. However, most of the processes which are handed to me are very complicated and the latter way of working applied by my clients has not given results. Therefore in most cases I use the above-mentioned sources.

I commit to presenting the first candidates within 7 calendar days from defining the open position, although this term is always negotiable in an open, direct and transparent discussion with the client.

Finally I will either present an individual report with professional and motivational aspects, next to salary information and a competence overview, either CVs of candidates who have been interviewed by phone and who are interested in the role, with information about their salary expectations, in accordance with the needs of the client. Furthermore, I guarantee guidance and a smooth and regular communication with the client during all phases of the project.

I also have experience in international recruitment processes. I have personally worked on positions for Belgium, Holland, Qatar, Poland, Lebanon, Algeria, South Africa, India, USA or China. On top, I have partnerships with other independent Headhunters across the globe and I’m a regular collaborator of Agencies from other countries.